Brians V-Twin & Machine
Brians V-Twin & Machine

Here's Where You'll Find Us:

Brians V-Twin & Machine

4697 Preston rd

Maxton, NC 28364

Phone: 910 843-7267


Business Hours

Mon-Fri 9-6

Sat 9-3

We also offer dyno tuning.  150 for carb bikes. 100 for efi bikes


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Your safety is our priority. At our garage, your vehicle will be repaired and serviced only by qualified mechanics. Here, your bike gets the full-service treatment.  This includes regular maintenance and inspections as well as minor or major repairs. With our winter service, you can store your vehicle properly and take it on the road the minute spring arrives!


Want to upgrade your motorcycle without paying a high price? Our garage will only proceed with its high-quality conversions after consulting with you. It goes without saying that your requests will be their top priority.

Here is an overview of our garage services:

  • Repairs with prior estimate
  • Paint jobs
  • Registrations
  • Accident assessments
  • Frame gauging
  • Tire service
  • Various inspections
  • Performance modifications and retrofitting
  • Winter storage
  • Parking
  • Replacement parts
  • and a whole lot more!
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